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Fighting the Flu on the Go

by Jonathan Maynard - December 3, 2017

We all know to fight cold season by drinking our orange juice, washing hands, and disinfecting our house when someone’s sick. One place we often overlook is our cars! Here are some quick tips for fighting the flu (and other germs) on the go.

Germs on Wheels

There are thousands of germs on our hands at any given time. We swap germs with everything we touch (gross), including our steering wheels. Wipe off your steering wheels periodically with disinfectant wipes, or even hand sanitizer in a pinch by putting some in your hands and going around the steering wheel.


Clean your keys with disinfectant wipes and let them dry out. Wipes are an easy way to disinfect your keys and k (which go everywhere) without damaging any components on your key fob.


Cleaning your dashboard, cupholders, and other surfaces vary from car to car. If you have a leather interior, leather wipes can clean the surfaces just fine. Disinfectant wipes (surprise) rid other surfaces of germs. Don’t forget the insides of cupholders, which if you’re anything like me, are full of trash. Tip: put cupcake liners in your cupholders after cleaning them for an easy pick-up next time around.

Brush, Vacuum, and Shampoo

Vacuuming your floors and seats regularly make a huge difference in the overall cleanliness and even smell of your car. Shampooing your car is a heavy task that can usually be done by your car detail-er as often as you need.


Replacing cabin air filters is especially important during flu season, when airborne viruses run rampant. Your car’s manual should give instructions on how to do this and how often, or you can take it to your car detailer. A/C vents you can clean yourself with the disinfectant of your choice.

Germs will always find their way into your car, but they don’t have to make you sick! Find a routine car-cleaning schedule this season, and keep the worst of disease-causing germs out of your life.