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Thanksgiving: Cleaning Game Plan

by Jonathan Maynard - November 17, 2017

Hosting Thanksgiving seems like a monumental task.

Besides shopping for and cooking dinner, you’ve got to worry about making sure your house is ready (especially if the holiday includes overnight guests).

We made a timeline below to help you manage the tasks leading up to Turkey Day. Only focused on seeing Snoopy in the parade? Book a house cleaning with us today!

Five Days Before (Saturday):

Today’s the day to prepare for and plan your cleaning.

  1. Do a tour of your home and look for any major problem areas. Look inside and out (check out our blog on cleaning your gutters!)
  2. Check your cleaning supplies; make sure you have everything you need! Save yourself a hectic trip to the store on Thursday, and check your supply of things like paper products and window cleaner.
  3. Your sister-in-law probably won’t care if your basement closet is a little messy; clean the things that everyone will be using like your bathrooms and guest bedrooms. Plan where everyone will be hanging out and make sure you have enough room for everyone’s things (like shoes and bags).

Four Days Before (Sunday):

Get your kitchen ready for all the Thanksgiving magic.

  1. Clean your stovetop and oven. It might seem too soon to do so, but cleaning your oven can take some time. Make sure to use gentle products!
  2. Wash down countertops, cupboards, backsplashes, and refrigerator door (this is also a good time to make room in the fridge).
  3. Go ahead and clean your holiday dishes and flatware, whatever those might be. Don’t forget to dig out your gravy boat and other Thanksgiving-specific dishware!

Three Days Before (Monday):

If you’ll have any overnight guests, prepare their space today.

  1. Dust and vacuum guest rooms/bedrooms.
  2. Wash your guest sheets and towels that need freshening (tip: wash your tablecloths while you’re at it!).
  3. Keep the door closed to these rooms (if you can) to keep out toys and any pet hair. We know how tempting a freshly cleaned room is!

Two Days Before (Tuesday):

So close! Time to get the bathrooms and common areas ready. Set aside time today and tomorrow (Wednesday) to put out your final touches and straighten-up.

  1. Clean your bathrooms from the stop down: mirrors, vanities, toilets, and floors. Set aside time to give your showers a final rinse down on Wednesday.
  2. Make sure there’s plenty of toilet paper, hand soap, tissues, and clean hand towels.
  3. Dust and vacuum your common areas. Don’t forget to dust your blinds, ceiling fans, and other areas that often go neglected (like window tracks).

One Day Before (Wednesday):

Get everything picture perfect!

  1. Sweep up your porch/driveway, and rake any leaves that might get in people’s way.
  2. Clear some closet space/hooks for everyone’s jackets and purses
  3. Touch up the floors with a vacuum, and wipe down your surfaces one last time.


  1. Wipe down the dining room table and make sure you have enough seats ready
  2. Final spot cleaning
  3. Eat!

Getting ready for holiday guests can be overwhelming, but a plan can help. Or, call Red Door Cleaning and let us get ready for you!

Happy Thanksgiving from us, to you!