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Cleaning Your Window Tracks the Natural and Easy Way

by Jonathan Maynard - September 26, 2017

Clean window tracks easily with stuff you have around the house.

Do you have slider windows, or a sliding glass door that has caked up dirt and grime? Yup, most of us do! Here’s a step-by-step easy way to get rid of the grime in vinyl or metal tracks. If you don’t have time, Red Door Cleaning can always take care of it for you!

Step One – Baking Soda:

Put some baking soda in the track using a spoon. A layer about 2-3mm thick will do it.





Step Two – Vinegar:

Add some white vinegar to the track. Don’t use too much. For wooden tracks, you’ll want to mist the vinegar using a spray bottle. You don’t want to warp your wood!




Step Three – Let it dwell!:

Let the vinegar/baking soda mixture sit in the track for 10-15 minutes. This will loosen the caked on grime. Don’t let sit any longer than 15 minutes.




Step 4 – Paper Towel:

Using a paper towel, mop up the paste made by the vinegar and baking soda, working from the ends and wiping towards the middle. Don’t completely dry the track, we’re going to scrub in the next step!




Step 5 – Toothbrush:

Grab a toothbrush (not your own, that’s nasty) and scrub the track, working from the outside to the middle.




Step 6 – Putty Knife

Using a stiff plastic putty knife and a terry cloth towel, finish cleaning the track. The putty knife is good for getting along the tough edges. The terry cloth towel keeps the putty knife from marring the surface and picks up the remaining gunk. If you don’t have a putty knife handy, a butter knife can be substituted, just keep it in the towel!



Step 7 – Admire your work!:

When you’re done, step back and admire the great job you’ve done!