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Why we are here

by Jonathan Maynard - February 1, 2017

I always like knowing the “why” behind a company. Why did the owner start it? Why are they here? For Red Door Cleaning, that’s a pretty simple answer. I wanted to build a company that focused on quality and amazing customer service. As I have dealt with other companies over the past years, I have felt those two things are lacking. No matter the industry, no matter the geographic location. Customer service and quality have declined.

So, I have set out to build a brand that changes the game. I didn’t chose cleaning because that’s what I know. Actually, my work experience and education have focused in the Information Technology world. So, I decided to capitalize on that and build a tech savvy company in an industry that is not known for the tech. However, one that would greatly benefit from it. How do we do that?

  • Instant online quotes and booking. You can check our schedule and book your cleaning without ever talking to someone. However, if you want to talk to someone, call 540-993-4913, we’re here to answer your questions.
  • Text message and email reminders. You get a text 3 and 1 day(s) before your cleaning to remind you.
  • Easy changes. You can log into your Red Door Cleaning account and move your booking if you’re going out of town, or are sick.

We offer all this while still maintaining over the phone and in-person (if you want to come by) technical assistance. However, people’s busy lives sometimes dictate when they’re free. What other company allows you to book a highly-rated, reliable, cleaning service at 2am?

So, we hope you love this idea as much as we do! So far we’ve had a lot of positive response, and people are well pleased with our teams. We hope that you, too, will join the Red Door family!


Jonathan Maynard
President, Red Door Unlimited